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Stona Yoga is a form of yoga practiced while under the influence of cannabis. Benefits include increased flexibility, improved internal body awareness, improved ability to reach a meditative or mindful state, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, enhanced relaxation, as well as all the benefits experienced through regular yoga. It is a modern yoga style that involves movement, static poses, breathing, visualization, sports stretching and meditation. Stona Yoga is suitable for all levels of participants. Individual and group lessons are available. Each lesson is customized to the class.

How did Stona Yoga begin?

I am quite certain that I did not invent or discover stoned yoga. Smoking cannabis and yoga are two ancient healing practices that were combined long before I took up either. However, what I did discover, is that when under the influence of cannabis, just through natural movement, I was hyper aware of my body. I also noticed that when I danced, I would sometimes unconsciously move into an asana to stretch a tense area. I had been practicing yoga on and off for about 8 years and teaching it to children for over a year, when the idea of Stona Yoga came to me. Obviously, I was stoned. I began to intentionally practice while under the influence. The results were remarkable. The yoga felt so good and was even intoxicating! I was hooked. The growth in my practice shot up because I was really able to move and breathe through poses, as well as increasing the regularity of the yoga… because, it’s fun to get stoned and do yoga. The ability to meditate during and after the yoga was exponentially strengthened. I’m sure that you have read the benefits, so enough about that. In a few months I felt confident enough to begin classes and become certified.
Besides my usual lessons, which I usually do in private homes or venues, I have given lessons at the following festivals/events:


  • 2017 July- Mozamboogy – Mozambique
  • 2017 September- Earthdance – Muldersdrift
  • 2017 November- One festival – Drakensberg
  • 2018 May – The Bobby Greenhash Foundation Market- Richards Bay
  • 2018 June – Sista Blizz Gathering – Bedfordview 
  • 2018 July- Mozamboogy- Mozambique 
  • 2018 September – Earthdance – Hekpoort
  • 2018 October – Learning Man – Groot Marico

I travel to private homes or venues, as the law allows private use. I charge per km depending on distance. Most of the time, I teach at venues that I’m staying at. I’m mostly in Gauteng this year. My number is 0711821717.

Thank so much for taking an interest. My aim is to spread as much healing and self-love as possible, and cannabis helps so much.

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