PharmaHemp CBD extracts

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Cannabis is possibly one of the most important plants in the world today. Its predominately taken the world by storm through public support of its healing properties.

Hemp ( Cannabis ) has been produced throughout the world for centuries and has a long and natural history in Eastern Europe. The countries that make up Eastern Europe have quietly been developing and producing some of the best cannabis extracts on the market.

One of the leading pioneering firms in this industry is PharmaHemp . A family owned and operated business that takes part in the entire cannabis life cycle, from seed to extract. Using some of the best cannabis genetics, organic growing techniques and simple extraction processes, this company is producing some of the worlds top CBD extracts.

“PharmaHemp is meticulous in ensuring the maximum levels of essential fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial elements are preserved in every step of the process.” –

PharmaHemp produces balms, extracts, drops, e-liquids and many other top CBD products. Strategically located in Slovenia this family business is retailing and wholesaling CBD to the world. If you are interested in cannabis products please have a look at their websites below.

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