Nitrogen gas generators for Marijuana Packaging

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Research and development have shown that nitrogen-washed marijuana containers are not only good for food freshness, but that marijuana in nitrogen and coffee containers preserves THC (Tetrahydroncannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). In the absence of this process, which is exposed to oxygen and other gases in everyday environments, THC oxidizes in cannabinoid CBN, which reduces the value of the product as well as its potency.

Marijuana Packaging

Nitrogen washing is currently the only known methodology to keep marijuana rich in THC and CBD by stopping the oxidation process, and that is exactly the reason why all the best-known marijuana clinics, laboratories and dispensaries use nitrogen generators To rinse your products.

Whether for medicinal use to relieve pain and stimulate appetite, or for recreational use such as what we currently see in Colorado and Washington, the loss of THC or CBD by exposure decreases its chemical efficacy. Nitrogen packaging marijuana is the only method that any serious venture should consider when making the decision to undertake all the hard work that marijuana farming entails properly.

If you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to find the best varieties, provide them with the best environment to grow and hire the best people to ensure the best care, it is clear that you do not want all the time and money spent on this process. They will ruin that final moment of truth, just before packing your product. Nitrogen generators for marijuana packaging are not just a good idea: they are essential for the entire industry and the quality of the products it brings to the market.

We offer nitrogen generators for packaging, vacuum furnace purging, laboratory instruments and many more applications. Call us or click on the contact button for more information on how to generate your own nitrogen on the site. No more deliveries, high gas costs and the hassle of using cylinders.

Open market for marijuana packaging

By Drafting Emphasis Packaging

As the cannabis market grows, the plastic bag is less and less useful, which is why cannabis retailers need better containers to store their products before their popularity.

Faced with the need for better containers, cannabis retailers are opening a new lucrative market and a minefield of possible judicial and public relations disasters for packaging companies that seek to boost their growth.

The cannabis legal industry demands items such as the FunkSac bag, which keeps odors sealed to protect children and is one of the 1,500 products offered by KushCo.

Larger packers such as Reynolds Group contemplate a $ 110 million market that could be multiplied by six by 2030 as legalization extends, but they move cautiously, as some worry about being associated with a drug banned by the government.

Designing the best packaging for any product requires complying with a mix of technical, marketing and legal requirements. These challenges are magnified much more in the emerging legal marijuana market, where container manufacturers must navigate a network of laws in the 33 states that allow the sale of cannabis.

Most require opaque containers, food-grade plastics and childproof packaging, but the way in which these standards are met may vary. Colorado, for example, allows groceries to be grouped in closed containers, while Washington only allows single-serving packages.

The surprising growth prospects are what arouses the interest of large packaging companies such as Berry Global Group, which totals US $ 7.9 billion in world sales.

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