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So you missed the boat and did not manage to grow yourself some cannabis this past season. What do you do now?

Everluv Cannabis is a Proudly South African business that provides cannabis consumers with professional growing services and quality CBD products. Read more about their service and product offerings below.

Cannabis Growing Services

So for as little as R649.00 per month you are able to rent private space in a cannabis facility to allow your cannabis seeds or clones to be grown by a professional! That is not all, you can be assured that it will be documented each step of the way and finally delivered to you as product after the cannabis  has been harvested. How easy is that?

Cannabis Growing Services
So if you dont have the time or the resources to grow your own homegrown, how much simpler could it be. Go register on and get growing today. In a short couple months you will have some nice cannabis harvest in front of you.

CBD Products

If you are not interested in growing your own, but keen on trying CBD for its theraputic and medicinal benefiits you can also try Everluv Cannabis. They offer a wide range of quality CBD products:

CBD Body Oil –  Use this as a topical treatment for your whole body or use it to treat localised painful areas or inflammed skin.

CBD Capsules – pop a capsule in the morning for a slow released effect of CBD. This is a great way for you to consume CBD easily and effectively.

– CBD oil is a popular way to use cannabis oil as it is very versatile and concentrated. Usually delivered as a tincture under the tongue, these CBD drops will get to work immediately and give you the comfort you deserve .

CBD Oil for Pets – CBD oil is not only great for us but also an excellent treatment for our pets. These product is specifically developed for animals and is a great supplement to a balanced diet.

For more information please go check their website:

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