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Over the last decade, the ongoing growing demand for quality CBD infused products, has been met by an almost overwhelming variety of mouthwatering edibles, brightly packaged oils and vaping tinctures to satisfy the pickiest of pallets. Even more so for those, not familiar with the vast array of proven benefits gained from using medicinal hemp, being bombarded with tongue twisting ingredients and scientific jargon, is hugely intimidating. Momma Dora MEDICINALS remains focused on the essence of their product, 100% Natural CBD Isolate. “We strive to educate the world on the benefits of hemp CBD and lead the way in the health industry.”

Thousands of years of entheogenic use, combined with traditional Hispanic “Curandera” healing practices, incorporating organic herbs, facilitated by scientific CO2-extraction methods and lab-tested for your safety.

Getting back to the tongue twisting ingredients and scientific jargon…


There are two forms of widely used medicinal, as well as recreational CBD (Cannabidiol). These are commonly referred to as ‘Full spectrum’ CBD and CBD ‘Isolate’. In short – these cannabinoids are derived from the Cannabis Hemp plant. Yes the same one that brought every Bob Marley song you know and images of ‘high hippies’ into mind, except that the only ‘high’ you will experience, is the “high on life!” feeling that is experienced by people around you, living a happy, healthy, pain free, every-day life. Not only is Momma Dora CBD Isolate used for symptom alleviating qualities, the balance of minerals and nutrients contained in this natural elixir, is used as a daily supplement supporting general health and well-being.

Momma Dora CannabisCBD isolate (powder and crystals) is cannabidiol in its purest refined form. CBD isolate is not a synthetic or lab-made cannabinoid. It is an example of nature at her best, extracted from the hemp plant and further refined, this form of CBD is different from full-spectrum CBD extract, in that its main component is CBD, and not the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and many other healthy fatty acids commonly resulting from the initial whole-plant extraction process. The successful synergistic relationship that occurs between cannabinoids and terpenes, has been shown to increase the individual healing properties of one-another

In recent years extensive, ongoing and promising research, promoting the benefits of CBD Isolate as found in Momma Dora’s quality products, focus on the interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and continues to lead the way as an alternative medicine to aid restful sleep, reduces nausea, improves relaxation, accelerated cartilage repair, and to aid in healthy joint function.

Momma Dora CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp that is specifically cultivated to contain a high level of CBD. Their products contains no preservatives or chemicals and are all gluten-free and vegan friendly. A perfectly balanced, 100% Natural herbal product, safe to use, not only for you, also including your entire family. As medicine should be…

To order your daily dose of 100% Natural Momma Dora CBD Crystal Isolate (available in 250, 500 and up to 1000mg/30ml) visit http://cbdlegaloil.com

Written by: Maritza Jay
Published by: www.cannabispromoter.com


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