Tips on getting the most out of your marijuana!

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Many of us stoners have a limited supply of marijuana so it’s important to get the most usage out of our sack of bud.

In this article we will be covering some actionable tips that should help you get more stoned.

Remove Stems or Seeds

The first thing you should always do is separate all the stems and seeds from the budding flower. This was accomplished in the easiest way by the use of scissors. The flower could be cut into small leaves that could then be easily rolled into small pin-joints. The stems and seeds were kept in a separate plastic baggie for later use. You can also do this process with your hands, if you don’t mind having sticky fingers.

You can use your stems in the future by making stem tea. Many stoners simply throw away their stems but this is a complete waste. Save them up and once you have a good amount, try brewing some marijuana stem tea.

We found from the beginning that the small red buds of the flower were an indicator of the cannabis content. We always searched for buds if we could find grass that had them. Most everything then was of Mexican origin and usually just yellow.

Only Buy High THC Bud

This may sound obvious but if you only buy cannabis online with high THC content, you’re going to get a lot more stoned than if you were to smoke weed with low THC content. When shopping for bud, try and buy the bag with the most visible crystals (kief).

Use a Grinder With a Kief Catcher

Many grinders have 3 compartments. The top one is where you insert your buds, the middle compartment is where your grinded herbs are stored, and the bottom has a kief catcher.

Kief is essentially the small crystals that are visible on your buds of marijuana. These crystals are where the THC is stored, and they are much more potent that the bud itself. By using a grinder with a kief catcher you’ll be able to smoke your kief at a later date when you are running low on bud.

Kief is typically extremely potent, so use with caution.

Other Ways to Get More Stoned on Weed

Make edibles

Another thing you can do is to make hash brownies or another type of marijuana edibles. You can even use stems or keif to do this if you don’t want to waste your bud.

There are a ton of marijuana recipes you can follow online. Edibles are a different high in comparison to smoking, and many users find it more enjoyable. You just need to be careful with dosage as edibles can be very potent, and the high lasts a lot longer than when you smoke.

Try eating mangoes

I have learned that eating mangoes, Thyme, or Lemon Grass will maximize your high because these foods are rich in myrcene. This is the terpene that gives them their smell and it helps the system absorb extra THC which will maximize the high. I am anxious to try this if I ever get the chance legally.

Try using a bong

It’s no secret in the stoner community that bongs hit you much harder than smoking a joint or a pipe. When you use a water bong, you are forced to inhale deeply since it requires a good amount of lung capacity to clear the chamber.

Gravity bongs are another way to smoke weed that is effective at getting you really stoned. They are essentially a large chamber filled with water. You release the water, and light the bowl at the same time which will fill the chamber with smoke. Then you simply inhale the chamber full of smoke.

Mixing marijuana with beer

Another thing that the old hippie groups did to maximize their highs was to drink beer. Even a single beer seemed to enhance the high of smoking marijuana. We had to be careful though because too much beer mixed with the marijuana would leave us in a drunken stupor that was hard to recover from.

I hope these tips will help you on your journey to get the most out of your stash. If you want to learn more, iMarijuanit has a great article about how to get higher when smoking marijuana that offers actionable advice to get more stoned when using weed. I look forward to the time when we can all get high, legally. Until then, I wish you the best of luck staying under the radar of the fuzz.

Stay high everyone!

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