Looking for cannabis seeds

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You might be looking for seeds to add to your existing collection, or you might be starting out as a newbie grower and desperately looking for seeds to plant in the next season. There are a couple options available to you, buy from a seedbank, save seeds that you are lucky enough to find in dank bud. Today there are many options available to growers to access seeds, but its difficult to find top quality seeds to plant in your garden.

You see it all starts with a seed, whether you like it or not, a good harvest starts with good seed. You might have the best soil in the world, but growing from bad quality seeds, one might end up with a low germination rate, or a a bigger percentage of cannabis plants being male rather than female, or even worse, a plant in full flower turning into a hermaphrodite and spoiling your crop.

What to look for in good seeds


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Good seeds usually start from a good source. They will usually be a dark brown with a speckled appearance and one should not break the seeds outer shell if a little pressure is applied with your fingers. But also good seeds come from good parent genetics. Most seeds one finds are hybrids today, meaning they come from crossing two parents ( male and a female ) to make the hybrid seeds.

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