How to use Cannabis Products

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Designer Dab Wax from

Dab WaxThe best way to smoke designer dab wax is with an oil rig. The oil rig is a water pipe made up of a nail and other dabbing accessories. The intake of the water pipe is connected with the nail, which contains titanium or quartz.

Recent titanium nails are round with a hole through the middle where the dab smoke enters, followed by a moat to apply the wax after heating the nail with a torch. Quartz nails are flavorful than titanium nails; nevertheless, quartz is fragile and can be damaged by excess heat. Before dabbing with an oil rig, you will need the following; Water pipe, nail (titanium or quartz), Wax, dab, shatter, budder, rosin, dab oil, torch, and carb cap.

Weed vaporizer

Fill your water pipe with sufficient water to get a water bong hit. Join the nail to the intake. Those with regular titanium or quartz nail should preferably use a torch (butane or culinary torch) to heat the nail to until its very hot. Keep in mind that quartz nails can easily be over damaged by excess heat. When the nail becomes hot, place a small dab on the end of the carb cap and dab it onto the nail while. Afterward, use the mouthpiece to take a hit. Keep in mind that dabbing is very powerful and users to take only small hits to get strong and long-lasting effects.

Canna Cream

Cannabis CreamCannabis cream is an ointment used on the skin to gain relief from conditions like aches, pains, and skin conditions. Canna cream can also be called balm, lotion, oil, or salve. Canna cream is the perfect substitute for smoking cannabis since it provides relief without necessarily making the user high.

Cannabis cream is usually rubbed directly to the painful areas of your body to gain pain relief. It can also be rubbed in stressful areas including; neck, back, knees, wrists, and temples to make you more relaxed. To get better outcomes, try to clean the affected areas before rubbing the cream so that your body can easily absorb the marijuana. The canna-cream can be applied by rubbing or massaging a generous amount into the desired area.

Terpene Disposable Distillate Vape Pen

Portable vaporizers are very technical due to their small size. They have different chambers which require maintenance after each use. On the other hand, terpene disposable distillate vape pens are pre-loaded and disposable. They are divided into two parts, including the pen (heating device) and a pre-filed cannabis cartridge. They are sold with a tank pre-loaded with a cannabis extract. It also comes with a pre-charged battery that heats the oil to generate an inhalant that can be used while the tank is full. Furthermore, terpene disposable distillate vape pens have no separable components or replaceable parts.

Ensure not to hit the pen too hard because it can burn it out quickly. A terpene disposable distillate vape pen also has an LED light which displays at the end of the pen when it is functioning.

Vape Pen Terpene THC


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