How A Few Doses of CBD Oil Can Cure a Medical Crisis

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Medical Cannabis tinctureIf prevention is worth a pound of cure, then perhaps a few doses of cannabis oil or cannabidiol, taken at the right time and after the right consultation, can go a long way towards healing—or at least addressing—difficult, life-debilitating medical conditions like epilepsy, brain-related illnesses, and even cancer. This is why health stores and the market are more open now to products from a leader in the cannabis industry, PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), which promotes cannabidiol, among other healthy hemp extract products that can address epilepsies and inflammation and perhaps even lessen the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

What makes the company’s cannabidiol-related products different from others is that they expanded their use beyond the traditional medical treatments. Diamond CBD, PotNetwork’s main product line, creates and markets chocolate candies and other edibles infused with the highest quality of CBD. Same with its vapes and other inhalers, which make breathing easier and healthier.

A few enterprising cannabis manufacturers and growers, along with a growing number of physicians and medical researchers, are taking a few courageous steps to study the medical benefits of cannabis oil. If the treatment is not yet out in the mainstream health centers, chalk it up to cannabidiol’s unfortunate association with addictive substances that also spring from the cannabis plant. For decades, the medical community was wary of touching the cannabis plant, until the Farming Bill Act in 2014 made it legal to do research and agricultural projects about it.

The oil derived from cannabis is particularly non-intrusive or seen as aggressive because it is, to all intents, identical with the usual medicinal liquid that we often buy in health stores. However, cannabis oil has been proven to have advantages that can give weary, near-desperate patients and their families a second lease on life. Peace of mind, calmness, security, and a renewed optimism are the other incalculable side benefits.

According to The Mountain Express, 60-year-old Jon Griffith, a resident of Asheville, North Carolina found that his prostate cancer had taken a significant step backward after regularly taking 0.2 grams of cannabidiol every day. His biopsy after consuming those dosages showed no evident sign of carcinoma or other traces of cancer. It was a hard-earned victory won after a year of trying out other alternative medical solutions to heal his illness.

As Griffith puts it, he went vegetarian and ingested several supplements to contain, if not eradicate, the spread of the cancer cells in his body. Chemotherapy was out because he was wary of the effects of radiation. It was only cannabidiol that created a significant headway in his walk back to health and emotional freedom.

While many would contest that Griffith’s recovery could be traced to other causes, he still maintains that cannabidiol played a huge and important part. Research on the subject, as performed by PotNetwork, is constantly pushing boundaries to explore how cannabis can be developed and harnessed to address extremely serious medical conditions like cancer.

Alternet says that regular, if small, doses of cannabidiol can also cause positive changes in people who are suffering from daily attacks of anxiety and depression. A recommended dose ranges from a few millimeters to a gram. This could also be applied as an anti-inflammatory measure as the cannabinoid carries a receptor that boosts and strengthens the body’s natural immune function.

Joel Stanley, the CEO of a store that sells hemp products in a Los Angeles market, takes his own regular dosage of cannabidiol every day. He treats it as a supplement that he consumes right alongside his daily meals. Of course, he takes a couple of cannabidiol pills a day. Per his interview with the Los Angeles Weekly, Stanley believes that this regular dosage can help him from developing Alzheimer’s or other brain-related illnesses as he gets on in years. He bases his confidence in numerous research and medical studies.

Stanley’s brother Josh also consumes the cannabidiol regularly but less as a preventive measure than a booster of health and productivity. He avoids taking it at night but downs the dosages every morning to bring “clarity and energy” into his next working hours.

The Stanleys’ health store, and others like it, can bring cannabidiol to those who need it, available, affordable, and legal. It is a far cry from the mini-ordeal that Mr. Griffith had to go through a year ago, when he had to do an online search for CBD—and then order it from another state.

The efforts of companies like PotNetwork, one of the leading innovators in cannabis research, is debunking the myths that have kept patients like the Stanleys and Mr. Griffith from using cannabinoid safely, legally, and fearlessly. By helping cannabis-related medicines more accessible and user-friendly, they have also lifted the burden from many of these people who are still struggling with life-debilitating medical conditions.

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4 thoughts on “How A Few Doses of CBD Oil Can Cure a Medical Crisis

  1. Pierre Joubert

    “addictive substances that also spring from the cannabis plant.”
    Where’s the proof that the cannabis flower is addictive?

  2. NORML Post author

    Well spotted Pierre, and you are 100% right.

  3. NORML Post author

    There is about as much proof as it being physically addictive as much evidence behind the laws making it illegal. Well done for pointing it out.

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