Canna Quad – Medical cannabis and vape reviews

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Welcome to my YouTube channel I’m James a.k.a. Canna-Quad. This is an introduction video to my YouTube channel which is about my life living as a quadriplegic in Jersey Channel Islands. I also plan to introduce you to various different vaporizers and CBD products.

I am officially prescribed medical cannabis and have been battling to be prescribed medical cannabis in the form of raw bud for many years. My prescription is Bedrocan THC 22% | CBD 1.0% Sativa Flos And Bedica THC 14% | CBD 1.0% Indica Granulate I had a spinal injury at the age of 15 which left me paralysed from the shoulders down ( Quadriplegic C3 – C4 ) due to my spinal injury I suffer with spasms which can be severely discomfiting and extremely awkward especially when going out in public over rough ground or even out of the car over bumpy roads can set my spasms off.

Canna Quad

When I use medical cannabis Flos in a vaporizer it can stop my spasms and make my body feel so relaxed I can breeze over bumpy ground in my chair. This really does improve my quality of life as I am able to go out and be far more adventurous in my wheelchair going down country lanes and railway walk tracks. Most of these locations can be a little rough for a wheelchair user. I also plan to introduce you to beautiful locations around Jersey Channel Islands where I like to go and fly my drone which is my other passionate hobby. Please do feel free to reach out to me with any questions I’m always happy to help. Also see some links below to some websites of interest. I hope you like this video please do like and subscribe and share with your friends. Kind Regards James a.k.a. Canna-Quad.

EP 7 – Unboxing & Testing The Mighty Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel


So in this episode we are going to see what you get when you purchase the Mighty Vaporizer. This is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer and perfect for medical users. Please see a few links below to where you can purchase the mighty vaporizer.
Mighty –

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