Can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

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With the rise of medical marijuana, so too has cannabidiol or CBD oil become more prominent. The oil has been touted as being a solid treatment for many different types of conditions ranging from epilepsy to cancer. However, while studies on the oil have been relatively few and far between, one of its most common uses has been to treat anxiety.

It should be noted that CBD oil does not contain THC, which is the element in marijuana that gets you “high”. Instead, as the oil has been legalized in all but three states so far, the use of it to treat anxiety has risen dramatically.

Reducing Anxiety


The most commonly prescribed treatments for anxiety are a combination of psychotherapy and prescribed medication. There is a growing number of people who are foregoing both and focusing on CBD oil as their form of treatment. In fact, most people who take CBD oil for treating a condition usually do so for anxiety, depression, and pain.

How could you not be anxious during these times? We all need a little extra self care sometimes. Here are some tips from CBD Fountain that may help:

Studies on animals are so far incomplete, but they do show promise in terms of treating anxiety, particularly social anxiety disorders. It is the focus on social anxiety disorders that seems to be the focal point of how CBD oil can be effective. Small studies have demonstrated that the oil is effective for those who suffer from social anxiety disorder, causing a calming effect. However, such studies need to be
expanded before they can be accepted in the medical community.

There is a lack of formal research on whether CBD oil is effective in treating anxiety. From the anecdotal evidence, it does appear that at least some of the effect is due to the modulation of serotonin in the body which creates relaxation. In other words, the effect of CBD oil may be indirect, but still effective.


No drug or compound is without risk or side effects. However, CBD oil seems to contain relatively few at
least in terms of what has been reported. The caveat is that the oil must be taken in prescribed doses and given that only a fraction of its effect makes it to the blood stream when taken orally, the side effects have been relatively minimal so far.

Such side effects that have been reported are mild and temporary in nature. They include, but are not
limited to the following;
Changes in Mood and Appetite
Dizziness, Diarrhea, and Drowsiness
Nausea, Dry Mouth, and Vomiting

In addition, there are some who have reported low blood pressure and a slight increase in the heart rate
as a result of taking the oil. In rare cases, the oil has caused an increase in liver enzymes, a precursor to liver damage.

Whether CBD oil will work on all those afflicted with anxiety remains to be seen. What can be said about the product is that the anecdotal evidence is quite strong about its effects on anxiety. While the only serious studies have been on CBD oil’s effect on epilepsy, there is little doubt that its calming, relaxing properties have helped those with anxiety, particularly social anxiety.

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