Best Portable Dab Rigs

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The future of relishing cannabis concentrates is here with electric dab rigs. Gone are the days, you’d light a butane torch to begin your dabbing sessions. Now you can have your vaporizer your hands. While glass dab rigs have taken a considerable place in the concentrate world, the technology linked to dabbing has grown leaps.

The dabbing market is increasingly gaining traction, and it can be hard to keep up. For everyone out there who fancy the taste and the feeling cannabis offers to them, it’s a golden time to be alive. Thanks to technology, now there are several ways to vape cannabis concentrates and dry herbs like never before. If you’re looking for a more discreet way to dab, check out some of our dab rigs.

Best Portable Dab Rig

However, it’s not easy to choose the best portable dab rig. As technology improves, new dab rigs are created — there are endless choices to choose from. Here are some of the factors that make a portable electric rig the best:

  1. High-quality vapor

A well-made dab rig offers the highest quality vape and enhances the flavor of the concentrate you’re using. To get the most out of your dabbing sessions, you need a device that will enrich the flavor, potency, and enjoyment of your favorite oils. A perfect unit will not only give you a vapor but thick, vast, high-quality clouds.

  1. Portability

The portability of a unit is more than crucial. Portable rigs not only have to fit a purse or backpack but also designed with high-quality materials that will tolerate the frequent use and the travel mode packing. So, if you’re an outdoor lover, a unit like V CARTA is perfect on the go dabbing.

  1. Long-lasting battery life

Dab rigs need rechargeable or replaceable batteries depending on the brand. When browsing on an online head shop, it’s essential to know the quality of the batteries since it determines the ease of use and functionality of the unit. This is very crucial, especially when traveling or got up down the road.

  1. Ease of use

Even for seasoned vapers, low-maintenance units are ideal. A high-quality portable dab rig should be not only easy to use but also fun without the need for complex maintenance. Many vaporizers require a little tune-up here and there and some cleaning. Apart from that, it should be pretty easy to use to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates without a big learning curve.

  1. Pricing

Price is something worthy of consideration when it comes to finding the best portable dab rig. While a quality unit doesn’t come at a low cost, it is worth it. Also, their performance and ability to satisfy you as a user are vital. When browsing on an online head shop, be sure to understand your needs to choose the best unit that will give you the most out of your dabbing sessions.

Why you need a portable electric dab rig

Electric dab rigs are swiftly becoming the preferred daily driver for dabbing cannabis concentrates. Until their arrival on the market, traditional dab rigs need a torch to heat the nail before it comes in contact with the dab. Other than the safety concerns, typical dab rigs require a level of expertise to get the most out of it.

Also, too much heat can burn the dab while less heat will not combust the dab evenly to vaporize, leaving you with a messy dab nail to clean. Here is the future of vaping — Electric dab rigs could be the solution offering relief from the harsh hits linked to butane torches.

A typical e-rig uses a temperature-sensing technology to control the temperatures. Once you set your preferred temperature, it maintains it until you turn it off. With an electronic dab rig, you can enjoy a flavorsome vape anywhere anytime, without much experience or much to learn.

The Bottom Line

The best portable dab rig will depend on your needs, whether it is the features, pricing, or the design. However, satisfaction matters most. So finding a unit that can give you the most out of your vape sessions is ideal. If you’re an outdoor lover, there are tons of best portable dab rigs that are perfect on the go dabbing.

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