Top 100 Strains 2018 – Free ebook

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Whether you consider yourself an avid green thumb or newbie to cannabis, with so many strain options available, getting to know them all can leave even experienced enthusiasts with a case of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and who has the inclination to sit and google for hours when your time would be much better spent, giving your green ladies the tlc they deserve.

Help is at hand with an easy to read comprehensive list of seed brands in the form of a Top 100 Strains, handy e-book, put together by Jared Cox, based on the most popular and best sellers for 2018, according to distributors. Best of all, IT IS FREE to download and share, making it easily available, and a great source of information, even more so for those new to cannabis, aspiring to grow greener pastures so to speak.

For inexperienced growers especially, it is important to educate and familiarize yourself with the genetics you intend on growing BEFORE you make your purchase from any seedbank/online “shop”, taking into consideration all of the factors that may affect your grow (indoor/outdoor, grow size, temperature, humidity ect. ect, the list goes on) as some strains can be a bit more finicky than others. The e-book will give you information on strains such as Texada Timewarp, Auto Swiss Cheese, Lemon Thai Kush to name but a few as well as Chocolope, which the author describes as a “great beginners strain due to ease of cultivation”.

free cannabis seed guideThe content of the e-book is descriptive and neatly indexed and categorized into 3 Chapters covering Feminized, Auto Flowering and Common/Regular seeds, with information on Flowering time, Breeders and Yield. A must have “ Canna seed dictionary” that will undoubtedly be most useful to any cannabis grower.

A must have for new growers and breeders alike, or anyone who would like to be familiar with the most popular strains of weed in 2018. @moldresistant


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