Switch For The Best, Switch To Dr. Dabber Switch!

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Are you looking forward to leveling up your vaping experience? Why not switch for the best? And if so, make the right switch with Dr. Dabber Switch! The best wax vaporizer of 2018 is here and you don’t have to think twice about this, you ask why? Here’s why!

About Dr. Dabber Switch

A little bit of a background about this product, so Dr. Dabber Switch is the latest model of Dr. Dabber’s vaping device. Basically, this new product offers great innovative features that vape enthusiast will surely love. Now, what do I mean when I said, “great features that vape enthusiast will surely love.”? Well, to be honest with you, there’s a lot! With its induction heating system, portability, classy hourglass design, the included switch kit that comes along with the product, the unique operating feature, and lighting that makes it look like a beautiful lava lamp, and on top of that!

This product can be used with either wax or herb! Before we talk about the cool and new features that place this product on top of the list for the best wax vaporizers of 2018, we all know that Dr. Dabber is popularly known for creating and introducing some, if not the best, but also highly sought out wax vaporizers out there in the market. Now, guys think of it, how about herb users? And that’s the reason this product was created. You see, Dr. Dabber, one of the best manufacturers of vaporizers, not only sought out to be the best in the industry but also in the heart of their avid customers!

I’m pretty sure with that intro, you felt your heart carried away, right? But, we are just getting started! Now, let’s talk about what makes this product the best wax vaporizer for 2018!

Induction Heating

Dr. Dabber Switch uses induction heating technology, meaning it uses an electromagnetic coil to do the trick. Using this method, it heats up the wax or herb inside out rather than the conventional old way of heating it using conduction or convection heating processes. Which is way faster to heat up rather than conduction heating method that uses a metal chamber to heat the wax or herb and convection method uses hot air to do the job done. The advantage of using induction heating process is that it is much faster. Also, you can guarantee that even the temperature reaches a certain level, it is still wax-friendly. By the way, did I already mention that induction heating method saves you from the worries of changing heating element or simply called “coil” for your device? Now, that’s what I call efficient. Others may say that induction heating method is the newest face, the future for vaporizers. Who knows, time can only tell.

Dr. Dabber Switch’s Key Features

Now, induction heating is one of this products’ perks, but to tell you guys, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And literally, I mean it’s just the tip! The following are its features that will surely erase all your doubts and finally make you SWITCH.

Good with Wax and Herb. It’s compatible with either wax or herb, you choose! That’s how Dr. Dabber shows their patriots that they truly care.

The Switch Kit. The kit contains, well, of course, Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer itself, 1 pc. Black ceramic cup and 1 pc. White ceramic cup, 1 pc. Borosilicate glass water pipe attachment, 1 pc. Dab tool/Carb cap, 1 pc. Reverse tweezers, 1 pc. Silicone wax container, 1 pc. Ceramic flower filter, and the charger itself. So pretty much, after buying this product you are already set up!

Heating Profile. Now, this one here is one of the main reasons for making this product unique. It has 25 calibrated heating profiles, while other vaporizers may only have 5 calibrated heating settings to offer at most. Making Dr. Dabber Switch incomparable to other vape devices out there. This 25 heating profiles, that is significantly added to this device allows its’ users to experience and capture what they’re looking for by means of heating to their desired temperature. Extracting only the best out from their own preferences whether it’s wax or herb. With these, they can freely explore every vapor profile as much as they want!

The Switch. Creatively built and designed for adaptability. You can always change the setting from wax to herb if you wanted some change and vice versa! We all know that sometimes, a little bit of change is good, and that change might be the best for you…

Battery. Now, what’s the use of all these fancy features if the battery works like shit. Sorry for the word, but I really mean it. Lucky for you, this product has no shit performance! Powered by one of the best and capable batteries created by man in history, you don’t have to worry about savoring your sweet time with this product in hand. Dr. Dabber Switch is much faster, powerful, durable, and even performs better compared to other vape devices. What’s more compelling about this product is it even charges faster than other vaporizers, just 60 minutes of time charging it, you can already use it for up to 150 uses! It also has pass-through functionality that enables you to use it while charging, giving you more satisfaction. Unlike other vaporizers, that are completely unfunctional while charging. Basically, this is what I call jaw-dropping, it may sound unbelievable but it is the truth.

Attractive Lighting and Uniquely Elegant Designed. Dr. Dabber Switch comes with a glass bubbler creatively designed, giving an elegant and one of a kind appearance. Overall the physical look is great, giving off a sturdy look, and not just by the way we see it. It is actually, pretty sturdy. With built-in LED lights that serve as temperature indicators and mode indicators making it looks like a cool lava lamp! Who would think that you could own a lava lamp and a vaporizer at once?

No More Leakage, Less Cleaning. One of the best benefits a customer can have with this product is the quality. Switch offers and guarantees users that this device won’t leak at all. With a state of the art no-leak electronics used to build this product and lessening the cleaning moments for you. I’m telling you if you’re not using this yet, and you still use your old vaporizer, and as the name of this product suggest. You better switch now!

Built To Cope Up. Yes, this might be a desktop type of vaporizer but it does not mean it can only stay on the top of the desk! Designed to fit your daily activities, Dr. Dabber Switch is very portable! Take it with you wherever you go, it is sturdy enough, and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. It won’t let you down, well, it also does not fit in your pocket. So, you might want to put it inside your bag. Just disarm it, place it on its case, put inside your bag and you can already start to roam the world!

Easy To Operate. For a desktop type vaporizer, Switch is unexpectedly easy to use. Whether a novice or a veteran will not have any problems using it. It is user-friendly, the package/product comes with a manual that contains instructions on how to properly operate it, as well as for caring for it.

The Vapor. All of these stuff makes no sense if the vapor quality is bad! Right? The product Switch by Dr. Dabber not only brags with cool shiny kinds of stuff but holds pride in their products vapor quality. You can always expect that every product from Dr. Dabber has always great quality.

Final Thought:

Overall, Dr. Dabber Switch has awesome features that far surpassed all vaporizers. Especially, wax-based vaporizers. It has an edge, you can use herbs on it and vice versa. Now, with that being said Dr. Dabber Switch costs around 400 bucks. Well, it sounds too much but just try to consider everything that you will get in exchange. Totally worth it for a 400 bucks value, right?


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