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Big ToothBig Tooth is a new strain from the Strain Hunters team and produces top quality buds through its diverse genetics. Leaning towards a sativa, Big Tooth is a good balance of both indica and sativa. The breeding of this strain is afghani, Hawaiian sativa and a feminised Nepalese.

Big tooth is a resistant strain and can handle cold temperatures as well as insects and pests. having medium sized internodes, Big Tooth is a very bushy plant that will flower within 8-10 weeks.

The buds of Big Tooth are irregular and many of the buds you will find foxtailing. The aroma from the flowers is almost a chemical smell, leaning towards hot chilli spices. The effects of the high are short and hard hitting and can be a mix between a head high and body stone.

This cannabis strain is great as an appetite stimulant as well as used as an antidepressant.

Packs of seeds are available through in 3, 5 and 10 packs of seeds each.

Strain hunters is an official branch of Green House Seed Company; one of the most successful seed banks in the world. Green House Seed Co. have won over 50 competition cups and with over 25 years of experience, they are a kingpin within the cannabis community.

The Strain Hunters Seed Bank was launched in 2013 and consists of a collection of the planet’s finest feminised hybrid, autoflowering, landrace and regular cannabis seeds. The Seed Bank is also a mix of exotic cannabis genetics collected by Arjan, Franco and Simon during their missions around the world. The purpose of Strain Hunters is to identify, locate and retrieve previously unstudied cannabis landraces, in an attempt to give scientists and doctors the raw materials they need to further develop and enhance their knowledge of medicinal cannabis. Landraces often have varied cannabinoid profiles, making them very useful for continued medicinal research. Strain Hunters seek out these incredible plants, specifically targeting places where scientific research has so far been an impossibility. It is the hope of many cannabis enthusiasts that the sick and suffering have access to the healing potential of cannabis, and Strain Hunters are no exception!

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