Methods To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System

marijuana detoxFirst of all you need to understand that detox is a process whereby you abstain from something, in this case marijuana, so that your body can be cleansed of any trace of it. Whether you simply want to be clean of weed or want to pass a drug test, the first thing to note is abstinence from the drug.

Marijuana takes up to 10 days to get out of the system, but this varies with the rate of consumption and the health of the consumer. Traces of marijuana are stored in fat.

The following are some of the natural ways to detox from marijuana:

  • Abstain from intake of weed. This is the most important method as it keeps you from adding toxins to your body.
  • THC is stored in fat cells of your body. To get rid of the toxins, exercise frequently. As you burn fat, you will expel traces of marijuana through excretion. However, if you are detoxing to pass a drug test, avoid exercising 24 hours prior to the test. This is because metabolism causes THC traces to shoot up right after workout, which may lead you to failing the drug test.

  • Take a healthy diet that involves a lot of high-fiber leafy greens. Fruits and vegetables are natural and healthy source of fiber, which is good for expelling toxins.
  • Sweating is another method of detoxing. Sauna is a good place to increasingly cause sweating and expelling toxins off your system. Try it.
  • Water is a good way of helping the body to expel toxins. Increase the rate of water intake in your system.
  • Tea contains antioxidants that help in detoxification. Drink more tea. It is a simple and enjoyable way of releasing traces of marijuana from your system.
  • Use diuretics together with a lot of water or fluids. Diuretics cause you to urinate more, speeding up the process of detoxification.


Aside from the natural detox methods, there are also products known to help get marijuana out of your system. These products are not specially made to detox from marijuana as they detoxify the body in general. They are:

  • QCarbo is one product known to absorb toxins and chemicals. It is derived from natural herbs.
  • Beverages with lemon, mint or water melon are another healthy and sure way of detoxing. If you are set for a drug test, you better weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a detox drink before settling for one.
  • There are detox kits, which are made of drinks and pills and come with an instructional manual of the most effective method of intake.

If you are looking to pass a drug test and not a long term goal of detoxification, some of natural methods may not work for you, because they work slow and do not cleanse your body fast. The best way for a drug test detoxification is to flush toxins out of your system. Hydration by consumption of water and urination by use of diuretics are the best. You can also take detox drinks to cover up marijuana traces in your system.

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