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Fresh Leaf CBDFor many early shamanic traditional healers and now modern-day religious or spiritually inclined users of Cannabis who use/d the Cannabis Hemp plant as an aid during ceremonies. However also recognized was the potential of medicinal properties when applied correctly. The process starts with a mind shift towards consciousness through appreciation, believing that essentially the effect experienced from cannabis stems from the intent of the user. This methodology is embraced by FreshLeaf CBD. From sourcing, the best organic hemp bred strains, to In-house manufacturing and delivering a final product that is not only good for you but made in good conscience too.

Not only does the team from Freshleaf CBD continue to deliver consistent quality, Signature FreshLeaf Cannabidiol concentrates and oils that their satisfied (and much healthier!) customers, have come to expect. They are also known for embracing a whole-body-approach to health and wellness by educating their customers about full spectrum industrial hemp derived tinctures, proving products that meet and exceed patient expectation, raise market standards and deliver a consistent, quality tested, reliable source of natural, easily obtainable, “good vibes relief’ from daily stress-full external influences.

Topical CBD infused lotion is a great alternative or additional application to offer relief from pain and inflammation ranging from eczema to sunburn. Commonly produced as a tincture, oil or in capsule form, an increasing number of brands also offer CBD in a lotion or cream designed to be applied directly to the skin.
It has been a widely accepted, peer reviewed and publically documented fact, that the Cannabis plant contains a balance of ingredients comprising of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients easily absorbed into the endocannabinoid system, that perfectly complements the body’s internal functions, assisting with various degrees and forms of healing, thereby in itself contributing to a patients quality of life and enhanced general well-being.

The main advantage of applying CBD in a topical form like FreshLotion CBD is that it can be applied directly to the targeted area. Science continuously verifies the benefit of Natural Organic cannabidiol infused products, with confounding evidence supporting CBD as an effective analgesic, lending support on a cosmetic/external, as well as deeper muscular level exactly where you need it. FreshLotion is the ‘go to’ family product. Infused with 99% pure Cannabidiol isolate that relaxes and soothes the delicate yet tough, only barrier of protection we have, that given what we put it through on a daily basis, needs as much help as it can get! Organic, THC FREE Hemp derived, lipid-rich CBD, known for its moisture-retention (hydrating) properties, combined with Oats extract, Lavender and Vitamin E, provides super enhanced moisturization, with the added protection OF Avocado oil against sun exposure. These natural oils infused with the long list of minerals and nutrients contained in CBD provide an all in one product.

Quality is or should be your main consideration when it comes to deciding on the CBD product best suited for your needs. And with so many available brands it is of paramount importance not only for your health and safety, but to ensure that suppliers throughout the industry maintain a high level of integrity, as set by market leaders like FreshLeaf CBD when it comes to producing alternative medicines. This can be done by checking for independent lab/test results that are made available to consumers. Not all CBD products are manufactured to the same quality standards. Customer reviews and public feedback speak volumes on behalf of a product as is clearly seen by the rapidly growing, positive ratings received and published about FreshLeaf CBD.

FreshLeaf CBD ensures that all of their products including Fresh Lotion is clearly barcoded, labelled with complete product details, descriptions and a full list of ingredients.
Their Products are –

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free and
  • Contains 500mg of 99% pure Cannabidiol isolate


Directions for use of Fresh Lotion

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