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In the world of Medicinal Cannabis users, Dabbing, has become an increasingly popular method of consumption and intake due to its effectiveness. So what makes it so effective and why are many ‘cloud chasers’ swapping their atomizers for butane torches?

Back to basics, what is Dabbing? Simply put, it involves Vaporising Cannabis concentrates through a water pipe. The point of it is that you can get a concentrated dose of your medicine rapidly into your system, especially for those seeking relief from conditions related to and including chronic pain.

The amount of concentrate you use is much less when dabbing as compared to other combustible and oil methods. As the saying goes, a dab will do ‘ya. If you’ve ever smoked a bong, getting the hang of a Oil Rig should not be to challenging. The biggest and almost only drawback keeping people from shifting to dabs is $$$. Don’t compromise on quality. Have a look for some best vape kits for cbd.

When you are vaporizing you are inhaling material/concentrates that have been heated to between 200’C – 400’C. Dry Herb Vaporizer UK is possibly the best way to vape cannabis flowers. Although oils can be pretty turpy with full flavors, once distilled into a cartridge or added to a vaporizer it tends to distract from the full cannabis flavor and is generally considered not as effective when compared to dabs. Light consumers and newcomers are more drawn to Vaporisers as they are more stealthy as opposed to rigs, and stigma being a lingering ‘sticky icky’ in the world of Cannabis. Also going through the process of having a dab is much more involved than having a drag. Alternatively, top rated gummies with cbd for some top edibles.

On the positive, pre-filled cartridges have swayed many for the sheer convenience of ‘click&drag’. Always be sure to check the laws governing your state with regards to vaping in public spaces and cannabis related laws.

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