Credit Card Processing for cannabis companies

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Processing credit cards in the cannabis industry has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the growing market. Federal laws have prevented financial institutions from having the balls to really step into the cannabis industry and offer a transparent and amicable financial service to cannabis companies.

That is until now…… offers credit cards services for both VISA and Matsercard credit cards. These services are offered to legal cannabis dispensaries in USA and Canada. Vendors can now easily process clients transactions with the swipe of hand.

You can see the benefits of partnering with us and we would love to welcome you into our Green Dreams Network. As mentioned there is a one of joining fee of $250 which is fully refundable and is charged purely to show commitment from your dispensary whilst we onboard you onto our network.

There are no monthly fees and no hidden fees. The solution is purely Pay As You Go and each and every dispensary no matter the size of the store or turnover will be treated on exactly the same terms and given the same level of platinum service your dispensary deserves.

You are free to leave the network any time you wish, and funds are always settled twice a week on a Tuesday and a Friday. There are no rolling reserves and we accept 100% liability of all charge back attempts from consumers meaning your services will never be suspended or funds withheld due to charge back issues.

Please note you do not need a POS machine. All your store needs to get started is a tablet with an internet connection and your consumers can literally check out within a matter of seconds.

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