Changing the future of hemp industry

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Hemp oil industry / CBD Market size analysis report

• 2018 – $ 600 million in sales

– Farm Bill became law

– Now legal in all 50 states.

– The era of prohibition of hemp is over.

• 2022 – Estimated sales of $ 22 billion – Forbes (40x growth)

• Compress the time and leverage the next years.

CTFO – Changing the future result

• 2015 – 2017

– Weight loss company with a payment plan copyrighted

– Free business model, free websites.- Potential to go viral.

– Sales for December 2017 – $ 39,000 / month.

• January 2018- Launch of the CBD product line.

– September 2018 – Launch 10xPure CBD

– Sales for December 2018 – $ 2,000,000 / month.

– January 2019 – Launch of a new web platform.

– Property purchased in 10xPure Mfg.

– A seat on the board of directors

• Monthly sales at the end of 2019.

– Estimate of $ 30,000,000 + / month.

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Cannabinoids 101

• Cannabis and marijuana are different varieties of CANNABIS SATIVA.

• Hemp has been used for medicinal purposes, ropes, fabrics, paper and other products for thousands of years.

Hemp oil contains more than 100 cannabinoids identified so far

• CBD (cannabidiol) is the most studied.

• Others include CBC, CBL, CBG, CBN, etc …

• Hemp contains only traces of THC compounds (psychoactive component of marijuana alone)

• Despite this, hemp cultivation was suppressed in the 1930s due to its resemblance to marijuana.

• The Agricultural Law became law in 2018- Legal in all 50 states. do

Choose an effective hemp oil

• Full Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. CBD only

– Get all the benefits of the whole plant!

Buying hemp oil of organic origin is essential:

– Hemp is a bio-concentrator / absorbs toxins from the soil

– The extraction of CO2 in cold is optimal to preserve the CBDa

• GMP Certification: laboratory verification independent of CBD content, as well as purity.

• Bio-availability = what really enters your system:

– Only 6% of the CBD is introduced into the bloodstream with most hemp products

– Hydrophilic hemp oil (10xPure) has a significantly higher absorption rate (Preserving 65% of CBD, which is 100% more potent than CBD). Full-spectrum hemp oil contains much more than just CBD. .

• Multiple cannabinoids – CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBC, CBG

• Dozens of terpenes

• Flavonoids

• Fatty acids

• Vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, folic acid

• Minerals – Mg, K, Fe

Benefits of the CBD

The endocannabinoid system (ECS)

• The main tools of the body to maintain homeostasis in all other systems

• Present in all vertebrates, which makes this system have at least 600 million years.

• Endocannabinoids regulate these systems (and more):

– Nervous system

– Immune system / inflammation

– Endocrine system

– Pain receptors


10x pure hemp oil

• Patented hydrophilic technology (exclusive CTFO worldwide)

• Significantly increases absorption, bioavailability and potency, even in the brain.

• Contains several short chain essential fatty acids with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and prebiotic properties.

• Includes lauric acid found in coconut oil, palm oil and breast milk, which has been scientifically proven to be effective in combating viral and bacterial infections, as well as qualities that increase immunity. 10xPure protects the CBDa

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA): raw and unprocessed cannabinoid that combats inflammation, anxiety, etc., better than all other cannabinoids.

• CBDa is the precursor of the best-known CBD molecule.

• With heat and time, the CBDA acid group is degraded to CBD. Most products on the market contain little or NO CBD.

• 10xPure protects the CBDa from degradation, preserving 65% of the CBDa in our product.

• Initial research indicates that CBDa is 100 times more potent than CBD.

• 10xPure makes the CDBa more bioavailable.

• 10xPure makes the CBDa soluble in water.

• COX 2 inhibitor / alternative NSAID

10xPure: structured oxygenated oils


• 5 essential fatty acids

Lauric: antiviral, antibacterial.

Capric: prebiotic that increases probiotic colonization; decrease in the disbiotic flora

Caprilic: Antifungal

Linoleic: Anti-inflammatory.

Oleic: omega 9 essential fatty acids



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