Cannabis Social Clubs are popular ways for cannabis community’s to get together, share knowledge and resources since the Constitutionals Courts judgment made on the 18th September 2018. Members of the club receive many benefits from insider news through to discounts and giveaways.

“decriminalising the use or possession of Cannabis by an adult in private for that adult person’s personal consumption in private; and the “decriminalisation” of the cultivation of Cannabis by an adult in a private place for that adult’s personal consumption in private” .

Cannabis Social Club

You are able to choose from three membership programs:

All membership programs include the following:
Access to our online shop.
Bulk and monthly discounts.
Monthly mail with news, reviews and coupons.
Invitation to monthly meetings and other clubs.

Seedling R210
Member Card
Sticker, booklet, 10 seeds

Vegetative R420
Member Card
Smokers Gift Box
Sticker, booklet and pack of 10 seeds.

Flowering R710
Member Card
Smokers Gift Box
stickers, booklet, 20 seeds.