Canna Cribs does it again: Rare Dankness

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With the South African cannabis market starting to take off even though the legislation is not cast in stone. We are seeing an abundance of people right here in South Africa dropping their careers and starting new journeys in the unchartered waters of cannabis cultivation and processing.

With access to the Internet one is able to learn cannabis harvesting from seed to harvest and finally curing from the many online resources that are available such as youtube and websites dedicated to cannabis. Canna Cribs is a recently launched youtube channel that takes an indepth look into some of the worlds finest cannabis industry businesses. Canna Cribs Episode 6 that was uploaded only a couple nights ago takes us around one of the pioneering growing facilities in Denver Colorado, Rare Dankness.

They take us through the entire process, highlighting not only the hardware used but also the integrated technology and processes they use to produce some of the worlds best strains and finally the final product. Scott Reach is the founder and owner of Rare Dankness and is questioned in detail about his in-house genetics and principles he has based his unique business around. The state-of-the-art growing facility and dispensary was built from the ground up to house his dream. Take a look at this fantastic video that really sets the benchmark in cannabis cultivation and processing.

About Canna Cribs

Canna Cribs is an ongoing mini-documentary series produced by Growers Network that covers entrepreneurs and pioneers in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Catch up on the rest of the episodes in Canna Cribs Season 1 to see more in-depth tours of some the world’s largest and most advanced cannabis grow sites.

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