America’s view on Cannabis is changing

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The American cannabis industry is by far the largest in the world. Over 10 US states now allow both medicinal and recreational cannabis use by adults. Canada, like Uruguay have also legalized recreational cannabis. South Africa has gone as far as decriminalizing cannabis for adult consumption and cultivation about a year ago. However, America’s view on cannabis is rapidly becoming more liberal and people are enjoying the fruits of an established industry in most States.



The Gallop Poll on Americans Views on Legalizing Marijuana have shown the great change in heart in the last decade. NORML USA has over 110 local chapters throughout the States and collects data from its thousands of members countrywide.  66% of all Americans think marijuana should be legalized for recreational use in 2019.

Its obvious cannabis will be a much more demanded commodity not only in America but also the world in 2020. Cannabis 2020 is a big year for the plant and April 2020 will be a month of celebrations for the cannabis community.

U.S. Marijuana Arrests


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