Howard MarksNORML supports the right of adults to use cannabis responsibly, whether for medical or personal purposes. All penalties, both civil and criminal, should be eliminated for responsible use, possession and cultivation. Further, to eliminate the crime, corruption and violence associated with illicit cannabis trade – a legally regulated market should be established where consumers could buy cannabis in a safe and secure environment.

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"Walking the 5km route Backwards to NORML is about highlighting the absurdity of criminalizing cancer patients that want to be able to legally use or grow medical marijuana to treat their cancer." - Source -2011

“Dagga activists NORML in the country” Source – 2011

“This weekend saw the birth of the first Cape Canna Fest, an initiative started by NORML South Africa to “unify the South African Cannabis culture and give us all a voice.” The day started off with the Global Marijuana March” –  Sauce  2012

“There is growing awareness among global and South African citizens that drug war propaganda against the Cannabis plant and its consumers is not scientifically based and does not justify criminalisation,” the group, NORML South Africa posted on its Facebook page. Sauce 2013

“The initiative was organised by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) South Africa and aims to legalise the use of the substance.” Sauce – 2013

" Saturday 05 May saw the birth of the first Cape Canna Fest, an initiative started by NORML South Africa to unify the South African Cannabis culture and give us all a voice." sauce 2013

“Sasha Dowding, the chief communications officer at NORML SA, which advocates for the legalisation of cannabis, said it was time the health profession “seriously looked into medical marijuana as an effective, low-cost and 100 percent natural treatment”. Sauce 2014